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Shadow on Concrete Wall

Shah Residence

A very dear friend had an escapade on the staircase one day and she took it as a mission to do something about it.

What started as a simple provision of railing took off sharply as to convert the Tv unit itself into a railing, going straight upto the first floor.
The partition is kept open wherever possible to get maximum sunlight from the opposite window. The cutouts can be used as display unit too. Each cutout speaks of their story as one ascends or descends the staircase, negating the boredom of climbing through the staircase each time.

The area below staircase was required compulsorily for storage and hence we have provided a movable trolley which opens upto the hidden storage while the trolley itself acts as display unit seamlessly merging into the entire design.

Colors have been chosen from the muted color palette to bring out freshness in the room for this young couple and the staircase has been highlighted with an accent color, keeping the rest of the area white and bright.

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